100 Things About Me.

100 things about me.

  1. I am 42 years old.
  2. I am Canadian, and happy about it.
  3. The only good diabetic hard candies I have ever found are by Jolly Rancher. And no, I did not get paid for saying that.
  4. I have written and published a novel.
  5. Getting sweaty gives me hives.
  6. Eating stuff with MSG gives me hives and sometimes makes it hard to breathe.
  7. Some days I hate cooking. As I get older the frequency seems to be increasing.
  8. I have two kids who are pretty grown up now, but they will always be my favourite kids anywhere.
  9. I love taking pictures.
  10. I like protein shakes for breakfast or lunch.
  11. If this is my one chance at life, then I choose to make the most of it.
  12. If all vegetables tasted like the ones that the nice restaurants serve, I would probably eat more of them without complaining.
  13. I think I am allergic to alcohol; it always makes my face really hot.
  14. I love sitting in front of a fireplace.
  15. I am a career counsellor but not a bartender. You don’t have to tell me all your problems.
  16. I like speaking in front of groups of people.
  17. I am a middle child and I am OK with that.
  18. I went to school in England for a while as a kid; once for four months, and once for seven.
  19. I believe in public education. I wish that the government did as well.
  20. I do not like riding the bus.
  21. I am sick and tired of rude people.
  22. I have terrific neighbours.
  23. I love Christmas music.
  24. I have worked at a lot of different jobs. Babysitter, jewellery clerk, musician, soldier, receptionist, sales clerk, insurance something or other, teacher, rehabilitation consultant, cake decorator, speaker and writer.
  25. I am great procrastinator.
  26. I recently discovered that I like to knit.
  27. I think that lettuce is largely useless.
  28. If I get tired playing right handed, I can change to left.
  29. My parents both beat cancer.
  30. I can be invisible.
  31. I love stationary.
  32. I love the smell of elementary school.
  33. My teeth have always been pretty straight but I have many fillings.
  34. My grade nine grad dress came from the Army & Navy.
  35. I love soft yarns and sweaters.
  36. I can swear like the soldier I used to be, and it drives my mother crazy.
  37. My favourite movies are about relationships.
  38. I actually like to watch TV. I find it funny the number of people who say they never watch TV but they know what’s happening on all the reality shows.
  39. I have played flute, piano, ukulele, recorder, penny whistle, alto saxophone, oboe, clarinet and glockenspiel. None of them really well, but all with great enthusiasm.
  40. Oh, and I can still play a B-flat scale on a trombone.
  41. I can remember my first boyfriend’s ID number. We were in the army together, but that is nearly 25 years ago.
  42. I like bird watching.
  43. People who are late make me crazy.
  44. I love using power tools.
  45. I have learned how to chop, dry and stack wood. It’s not for wimps.
  46. It took me a year to perfect making Yorkshire Puddings like my mum does. It took my daughter about 2 tries.
  47. My dream car is a Jaguar.
  48. I have visited Alaska.
  49. I like steak with lots of garlicky mushrooms.
  50. I don’t like the baked potato half as much as I like the sour cream on it.
  51. I like making jams and preserves.
  52. I love the smell of bread baking.
  53. I prefer butter to margarine.
  54. I try to eat right and buy bird seed bread, but I actually prefer white.
  55. I wonder what the world will be like one hundred years from now.
  56. I love to buy new clothes and get dressed up.
  57. I would like to be more outgoing.
  58. I do not feel guilty about sleeping in late.
  59. I love shrimp.
  60. I really treasure time when I am alone and everything is quiet.
  61. I bought an African drum to meditate with.
  62. I like puttering in the garden but would like a gardener for all the work.
  63. Live music is the best kind, the happier the better.
  64. If I had lots of money I would not work for money.
  65. I think that good friends are a true treasure.
  66. I really like making things for people when I have the time or the energy.
  67. I like wrapping gifts for people.
  68. Singing is one of my favourite things – even if it is just in my head.
  69. Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler both sing in my range.
  70. I still love Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail.
  71. Sam Elliott is one of my favourite actors. He has the cowboy voice nailed.
  72. One of my favourite sounds is to hear a child laughing.
  73. I have been married twice.
  74. I do not have a lot of childhood memories. When I am old I will probably have to make some up.
  75. I love wearing sunglasses.
  76. I love my red shoes.
  77. I want to see the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center.
  78. My favourite vacation stop was Quebec City.
  79. I loved band camp in North Dakota.
  80. I am lousy at video games but like to watch my daughter play them.
  81. Sometimes I like to do absolutely nothing.
  82. I am going to plant holly in my garden this summer.
  83. I thought I was a morning person until I met my second husband.
  84. I love a beautiful sunrise almost as much as a stunning sunset.
  85. I like to buy local food and encourage everyone to do the same. Strawberries grown at home have taste – unlike the ones trucked in from anywhere else.
  86. I support the slow food movement. If you don’t know what that is, just ask me!
  87. I am getting a little slower at writing these; 100 things all about me is a long list and I think I just ran out of ideas.
  88. I would prefer to wear blue jeans every day of the week rather than dress pants or – arghh – a skirt.
  89. I love that home hair dye kits have come such a long way and that I can upgrade my ‘do for less than $20.
  90. I cut my own hair most of the time.
  91. The first haircut I did for someone else was with a pair of nail scissors, and I stabbed the guy in the neck. I still feel bad about that. Sorry R.H.
  92. My favourite memories ever are when I had my kids.
  93. My worst memories ever have been when my kids were sick or hurt.
  94. My daughter has been clinically dead and was resuscitated after a drowning incident. She has also survived meningitis. I think that God has a special plan for her, and pray that he helps her figure out what that is.
  95. By nature I am a helper, but sometimes even I get tired of helping others. Will they not learn to do things for themselves?
  96. I was a timid child, but I am not a timid adult.
  97. I like natural fibres and fabric, like wood and slate and cotton and silk.
  98. I love the fact that I am a mum. I may not always be the best mum, but it is the best job in the world.
  99. I like going to bed early and reading a good book.
  100. Sometimes – OK a lot of the time – I skip to the end of the book so I don’t die from the suspense. Don’t hate me for it.


Gleek said...

I am lousy at video games but like to watch my daughter play them.

I can monopolize the TV more then?

I think that lettuce is largely useless.

Hahaha. This would explain the sudden decline in salads then wouldn't it.

Additionally, remind me to keep my Google accounts more in order - I have no idea what happened here.

Heather Dedio said...

glad to see you blogging. It brought about a smile and a few memories.

Michelle D said...

"My daughter has been clinically dead and was resuscitated after a drowning incident. She has also survived meningitis. I think that God has a special plan for her, and pray that he helps her figure out what that is." WOW - didn't know that. Your blog is great. Thanks for sharing. The book...still working through it...but that's because I have 5 or 6 books going at once!