I love my tools. What happened here?

I bet there was an easier way to do this. I was trying to drill a hole in some metal today, and so I had even gone and bought a special drill bit for the job. Waste of $15 – damn thing lasted about 5 seconds and then broke. Being pressed for time (my new state of being) I resorted to the crummy cheap bits that came in one of those plastic Home Depot cases – you know the one that costs $19.99 and you have 25 bits, plus the bonus screw driver ends that fit your drill.

Back to the beginning of the story. My folks are coming to visit for a couple of weeks, so I needed some guest room furniture. I know, I know. My daughter came for Christmas and had to sleep on an air mattress on the floor, but I couldn’t do that to my parents. So, I pulled out the Sears catalogue and did my thing. For some odd ball reason, the foundation does not quite fit on the bed frame. Have you ever bought a bed, and no matter which freaky little hole you put the bolts through in the frame, it is either too small for the mattress, or too big? Yeah, like we need someone calling out in the middle of the night because they have fallen through the bed frame.

If you are me (which you aren’t, and I don’t blame you one bit), you grab the drill and in the best imitation of my Dad, you fix the damn thing yourself. Drilling those metal bed frames suck. Now I know the last time I saw my brother do it, he seemed to be sweating along the brow line and muttering four letter words. I wonder who decides which holes go in to those bed frames, and why they never measured them on standard sized beds? And yeah, just in case you read this far and are wondering, it is supposedly the right frame for that bed. And who labels the drill bits to say that they will go though metal and they don’t?

Ah well, Mum and Dad are coming. That sounds like a good reason to do some celebrating, have some fun and head out in search of some good local food, music and sight seeing!


Lynda said...

Remember what Dad said when we told him our story of woe? He said "Oh you just put a few drops of oil on the metal that you're drilling through, and then it doesn't get hot and dull or break the drill bit!"

Pam said...

Yeah, wish I had known that before we started, but now we know for next time. Har!!