Moving along, singing a song, side by side

It’s been a busy day ‘round here today. Lynda and I are getting things ready for our parents’ visit this week. Thought we would do things up right and set up a guest room, since the last visitors we had were forced to sleep on the floor on an air mattress, and you know, I couldn’t really do that to my folks.

Now, getting things organized around here takes some doing since I have piles of papers, books and crap all over the place. Putting beds up in the home office now guest bedroom meant moving the book cases. Which meant moving front room furniture into the living room. Moving the cable hook up for the TV and drilling holes in the floor. Glad we haven’t put the new hardwood in this room yet. So all of this meant moving the piano The same piano that professional movers have said they will never move again. It’s 100 years old, a big ‘ol regal looking upright with a lot of, um, character marks and weighs about 800 pounds. No kidding.

I am sure that Lynda and I could have made a career out of piano moving over the years. Last time we had to move it, our uncle brought a piano dolly over, which made it easy to scoot all over the place. This time we were on our own, and all things considered, it’s now on the opposite wall and nicely set up.

Getting the book cases down the stairs was another feat altogether, and actually trickier than the piano or the entertainment unit. Fourteen freaking hardwood stairs (so do not bump the stairs, you see?) and the damn things have no where to hang on to. So, first bookcase, Lynda is first going backwards, and I am coming down after. And the wood stove has been blasting for a bit so now the stairwell is hot. My hands are sweating, there is no where to grasp on to the damned bookcase and I nearly – I said nearly, she reacted quickly and so we were okay! – dropped the damned thing right on her! This reminds me of years ago moving her stuff from a townhouse when I dropped a dresser on her, also another story.

Anyway, we moved all my office stuff to re-fill the book cases now on the main floor. Sorted, stacked, vacuumed and cleaned. My career as a mover is completely

I can’t wait until Mum and Dad get here – so we can sit and drink copious amounts of tea, have a break, and remind ourselves why we don’t work as movers – of the piano or just furniture in general. And the next time we move furniture, I am going to hire someone. Yeah, that’d be better. For my sister of course, not just for me.


Lynda said...

Yes I am so glad that you only nearly, yes nearly, dropped the bookshelf on me. Oh my gosh you want to talk about Des ja' vous... I was thinking oh no it's the dresser all over again, but on hardwood this is going to hurt!! But you hung in there sweaty hands and all. We accomplished a lot today, we moved furniture, moved the cable outlet, computer router etc., and made an incredible number of trips up and down the stairs. Framed pictures and redecorated the living room. Hot damn we are good.

Gleek said...

So I get movers when I move out? Really?!