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You know, I struggle with my own career sometimes. I have decided that one of the things I want to add to my career portfolio is to be known as a writer. That means I have to write more than what gets on this blog of course, because I also want to get paid for it. That’s simple reality.

Some of you know that I self-published a novel last year (you can read about it on because I published it under my pen name). I have been asked many times why I published it myself and I generally try to politely discuss the fact that the only Canadian publishers that review unsolicited manuscripts from writers without an agent rejected my book. It’s really a love story, but the main characters belong to the Canadian military, so of course it has an impact on the book. I suppose I could have written the book differently, you know where one character is a writer, the other an architect, someone else a frustrated admin assistant…but hasn’t that been done to death? What is wrong with adding a little spice to the world of novel writing?

I am sure curious about how a publisher decides book doesn’t appeal when it falls outside of the norm and perhaps gives people something else to think about while they escape into a novel. I cannot help but think that my military friends who read and enjoyed it would have bought a copy from a publisher. Am I wrong?

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Lynda said...

I believe you once told me that Steven King had a big spike on the wall that he stabbed all his rejections on and it was full before he was published. You are published and are getting rave reviews already because you are accomplished and talented.