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The Daily News was shut down this week. A big surprise to most people, especially the staff. The Daily News was Halifax’s number two paper, and now we are down to one, The Chronicle Herald. Sucks to be any of the 95 or so people that just lost their jobs; I really feel for them. I wonder how many of them will leave here and move west to find a job, since the ‘paper’ that will replace the Daily is actually going to be an advertising tabloid? My friends that I spoke with last night lamented its loss, since the little paper started out as a community paper belonging to Sackville and Bedford before it grew to take on all of Halifax, and we all live in Sackville.

People are still leaving here in significant numbers to take up jobs out west, the most recent one was just last weekend and he has found a job already. It’s hard to encourage people to stay in the Maritimes when the lure of the west is so predominant (sounds like the old days when young men were moving west to homestead or be cowboys!). In many ways I completely understand their desire to give it a try. The Maritimes are beautiful, but the employers do not pay the money here that folks can make out west, despite that everything else out here is just as expensive (except the initial cost of a home). Property taxes, groceries, gas, utilities all cost more in the Maritimes. Provincial health care is free (yahoo!) but HRM has this weird 1.5% title transfer tax when you buy a new house, salaries are significantly lower and HST is 13%. Four litres of milk in Edmonton is $3.90 or so and out here it’s $5.63 on a good day. The price of meat is higher too, which I get since they are trucking a lot of it in from Ontario and West. There is a movement to produce more food locally and to focus on buying and supporting local growers, but the movement is small and the costs are quite high. So as usual, it all comes down to money.

Have you noticed, though, that despite groceries getting more expensive, less people are actually learning to cook? As a result there is far more freezer space in the stores that is devoted to “prepared” foods like chicken fingers/wings, pizzas and frozen Chinese food. Now you can even buy prepared pot roast. Why? All you have to do is spend 10 minutes on cutting up some stuff and you can do your own pot roast for half the price and no chemical additives. I don’t get it. I keep thinking I should set up my kitchen to do some cooking classes for the young and hapless or something.

Today we are in the midst of our fifteenth winter storm. Fifteen. Good grief; I cannot remember the last time I experienced a winter with fifteen storms, and since this is my first winter here I’ve had enough. Stop the snow already! I love the way the TV meteorologist introduced this latest “weather event”. Cindy Day said that it would snow today, but if you don’t like it hang on and there would be ice pellets and if you didn’t like them there would also be rain. Right now it smells like wet dog and smoke from the wood fire burning. I like the smoke smell; it reminds me of camping and the great outdoors. Wet dog is not a pleasant smell no matter what you do. Thank goodness for the bottle of Febreeze by the back door.

Well that’s the kind of week it’s been – kind of disjointed, so lots of disjointed thoughts. Let me know what you think – leave me a comment below. Just remember to hit “publish” so that it posts itself, OK?


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Lynda said...

The wet dog smell I can handle but my arms are going to fall off from all the shoveling egad. Thank goodness for our neighbour Jack - Cheers Jack!!- whom cleared the windrow from the entrance to our driveway today.
It is more expensive here isn't it? Beautiful and friendly but very costly.