Employing Empowerment

I was up plenty early to get some things done, picked up a book about negotiating skills and sat in front of the roaring fire to read for a bit and drifted off in to that place where you are not quite asleep but only barely awake.
It’s this entire career/job/writer issue that has me going. One of the benefits of working for someone else is that I do not have to work as hard; I know that. The downside is that I really hate working for other people. I have burned out twice doing that, and do not want to go down that path ever again. Working for myself suits me, allows me to control my own future, allows me to benefit from the fruits of my labour. Let’s me work into the wee hours of the morning, which I quite like at times, instead of showing up to work at 8:00 AM all bleary eyed and grumpy because I did not make time for breakfast. Working for myself also avoids the problem that employers have when it comes to coping with my eccentricities and foibles.


-renewing my mortgage. Banks really do not like giving you credit when you run your own company, even when it’s profitable. Why is that?

-reliability/security. Really this was a bigger issue to my now ex-husband. He had a hard time dealing with the sometimes cyclical nature of business and it was really tough for him to accept the fact that as long as their was plenty of work around, it meant there were plenty of cheques in the mail, or credit cards being applied to my company. He owns that problem much more than I do, however, it does cross my mind now and again.


-renewing my mortgage or buying a new car with cash. Ha!

-realizing that my outcomes are the result of things that I have done, relationships that I have fostered, cool people that I have helped and worked with

-if I decide there is a project or something that I’d rather not do, I do not have to. Ha!

-I get to work with people that I love. Ha!

Well clearly this list is going to have way more upsides that down. Ha! Speaking of eccentricities and foibles, I am running two ideas for new books, in addition to developing a speaking and training program.

Hmm, lots going on. Guess I had better quit blogging and get some things done!


Lynda said...

You work so hard, but I think you need a task manager to help you stay focused on one thing? Ha! That could be me! Bill says you have entrepreneurial turrets! I think you're just brilliant and need a good focuser like me to help you. Did I mention that I work for food?

Pam said...

I am really glad you work for food Lynda - my turrets are going to need some reinforcement! Are you ready? Here we go!!