Do your best ideas come to you at night, or first thing in the morning? Sometimes just as I get into bed and start settling in for the night I find that my mind starts to work on some of the stuff that has probably been pushed to the back during the day. I have learned over the years to keep a notepad on my nightstand, and at least one pen (I tend to pick up the pens, or they roll behind the nightstand, so having a couple is helpful). Of course it also happens like today, where I am laying in bed in the morning, still dozing but not quite awake and all of a sudden WHAP – an idea is registered.

I have been working on a shawl for my grandmother, and having a difficult time deciding how to finish it off, but this morning it hit me. Now a trip to the craft store is in order (not much of a hardship, truth be told), and then this evening during my knitting time I will finish it off. That should get it to her only a week past her birthday…

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Lynda said...

Nana's shawl looks really good !! She's going to love it!!