Wintery mix

Wintery mix of weather. I had never heard the expression until being in Nova Scotia for my first winter, and we have seen it in the forecast a few times, and expect more on Wednesday. A wintery mix is snow, rain, sleet or ice pellets, and varies depending on how the air aloft mixes with the air below (the warm air aloft mixes with cool air below and things start to freeze). Have to keep an eye on the window and try to shovel any snow off before the rain hits it in case it freezes into a solid ice chunk. Except when there is a lot of warm rain to follow, which melts the snow in no time provided the sun doesn’t go down and take its warmth with it.

Ah the joys of a Canadian winter. I sure am looking forward to Spring!


Lynda said...

Oh me too!! We decided at work today that I must be solar powered. No sun no go power!

Pam said...

Looks like we have to recharge your batteries today too - no sunlight and more snow. Sure is nice with the fire going though - almost like camping, but warmer!