I seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time being distracted today and not getting enough work done. Computer is still fudgy, family life is overwhelming…oh I know, blah blah de blah.

I made fish cakes for supper in a very Maritime kind of way. Being an inept planner in the kitchen sometimes, they took me twice as long to put together as I had planned. I had figured on an hour. Food of love they call that, when you put an inordinate amount of time in to preparing something. They all enjoyed it, which made me feel as though the time was really worthwhile. In the future, I think it would be well worth approaching fish cakes more like Christmas baking; make a gazillion of them and stick some in the freezer so that although today takes a bit of time, another day you have an instant dinner.

See, there I was distracted again. Not just by cooking the dinner, but also writing about it. My punishment is stiff because this project is going to take all bleeding night but I have to get it done because we are on a really, really tight deadline and tomorrow there is more to come. Focus Pam…

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Lynda said...

Those fish cakes were really really good though. ;0)