Fill their cup, please

This is the link to the World Friendship Program of the United Nations, where 93% of what you donate actually helps the people that it is intended to.

I donated following Drew Barrymore's appeal on Oprah Winfrey today. If each person donates what they can, imagine what we can do. This saves children in our world. I was a child once, and I have my own kids. I work really hard to make sure that they have whatever they need, and I think that this is something that they - and I - need to be a part of. Help a kid today!

<--For more information, click here on the banner

If that doesn't work, this link should take you to their site for more information:

And here you can see what Drew Barrymore is doing to make the world a better place.

Thanks for reading this, and whether you donate or not, just for thinking about it, I think that you rock! So here is the band playing in your honour-->

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