The new book

Have you ever written a book? Ever had so many words and phrases and ideas running around that you start writing them down and then at the end of it all, there it is, a book. I started working on an idea the other day in that place where you aren’t quite awake but have not finished with sleeping yet either. Like a dream except you’re awake enough to know you’re dreaming and yet you cannot get back to sleep either. It’s a good thing that I keep a notebook beside my bed.

So folks, here it comes-->book number two, by Maggie Bendar. Title TBA. Characters dynamic. Setting pure Canadian for now. Maybe a little Europe on the side.

Might take a while but I’ll keep all six of my avid blog readers updated right here! And on of course, where you can also order copies of the first book, Marching Across the Heart. Right. I mean write.


Anonymous said...

I could not be more proud of you! You go girl. Your pleased as punch buddy and soon to be province mate.
I finally told MOM! and we are actually talking about it.
love ya

GeorgeMaciver said...

Woooooo a new book! Way to go Pam.

Lynda said...

I had the opportunity of a sneak peak at the idea stages and I LOVE IT!! Can't wait!

Pam Robertson, also known as Maggie Bendar. said...

You guys rock - thanks for your kind feedback and comments. I sure love this life!!