Thoughts from the city of wind

Went for a stroll through the Maritime Museum with my folks today. It was a good way to stay out of the perishingly cold wind, and also to connect with my town. The other benefit was being able to explore it through my parent’s eyes, since they are here on a visit.

This is a maritime city, and it is a maritime museum, which means that there is lots of nautical stuff. Ships, boats, rigging, some amazing models and a cool guy who sits on display near the entrance carving and building replicas. The tribute to the Halifax Explosion is unbelievable as a testimony to both gut wrenching devastation and inspiring courage and resilience. In a smaller display, the tragedy of the Titanic highlights the stratification imposed by class and ego amid people’s selflessness related to rescue and hope.

We truly do have a frail grip on life, and the speed or violence that can take it away from us. Today was a strong reminder of that, and a great tribute to a couple of events that really demonstrate it. I think that the wind is bringing with it that change of seasons, from winter to spring. A little hope, a little fun, and a whole lot of love going on.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your blog and the museum was stunning with all of the models and their detail. I think the volunteers and people that build the models are marvelous and have done a wonderful job. I have not seen such tiny miniatures as were on those ships! What a great tribute to all the people that have been on those ships. It was a real joy to look around the museum and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
I believe that the winds will bring good changes and spring weather very soon.
Love Mum

George Maciver said...

Hi Pam, was at sea myself for many years, from ships to oil rigs to fishing boats, so enjoyed this little blog. Brought back some great memories.

Pam said...

Hey G.! Good to 'see' you here and get your comment. You have an interesting past, and future I think. Great to hear from you again! :o)