My mother in law passed away last week. Well not actually my mother in law technically anymore since she was my ex-husband’s mom, but I thought of her as partly mine anyway and most certainly as Grandma to our kids.

I think that life was very hard on you, and certainly you were ripped off from living to a ripe old age and enjoying any golden years. You certainly survived more than what I would consider to be your fair share of heart break and anguish. But I think that you were one of those people who truly lived your journey for a time. You were not simply racing toward the end; you went places and did things, worked hard, loved well and completely, protected your children and grandchildren. Be at peace Grandma, and be comforted by knowing that you were—and are—loved.

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Lynda said...

What a lovely tribute to Gwen. I also pray that she is at peace now.