water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Well as if things weren't exciting enough around here already. Perhaps not that exciting for you, I appreciate, but certainly for me.
Yesterday I visit the local grub shop to pick up two big jugs of water. The kind that you flip upside down and deftly rest on the spike at the top of the water cooler so that you have an ample supply of filtered tap water, as opposed to the filtered tap water that comes into my sink. But I I am in the process of hoisting the jug and deftly turning it upside down.
"Do you want a hand with that?" my dad kindly asks.
"No, I'm fine thanks. Done this loads of times."
The water shifts as I turn the jug, a couple of water droplets make their way under my hand and then the jug, full of water, crashes to the floor. The spray is enormous, the dogs scamper to get away. I scoop up the jug, which is now spurting water like a severed artery and say to dad, "Open the door for me please? I need to get this out the yard."
More water pumps out as I awkwardly maneuver the jug out the back door. Will I ever learn?
When a fellow says to me "Do you want a hand with that?" next time I will smile nicely and say, "Oh yes please, that'd be great".


Anonymous said...

you really were not expecting a shower at that moment were you....
hang in there, give Mum and Pete my love

Lynda said...

Poor Pam! I can just see you hoisted that heavy jug up and then the look in your eyes as it slipped... it's that ah crap it's going, going gone! The floor is lovely and clean though eh?!

Lynda said...

Were Dad's eyes as big as yours?

George Mac said...

Hi Pam, would you like a hand with that?


Sailor said...

What a wonderful blog site.. you know I'm always thinking of you...