A great read! One World by George Maciver

One World quickly grabbed my attention starting out as it did in the midst of a hijacking with racing adrenaline and bullets whizzing. This story is brilliantly told through believable characters and military expertise tempered with reality. Things happen quickly as a frightening plot with international connections and well hidden secrets is cleverly unwound. As cars race along the motorway and the body count rises, the vulnerable side of these heroes who serve their country, and indeed the world, comes alive along with the unexpected.

An exciting novel that includes raw courage as well as brutality and savage terrorists, One World is a great read. I could not put this book down until I reached the end, which really says something because I often approach a book by reading the beginning and then skip to the final couple of chapters; this was a rare find that I wanted to experience just as it was. Author George Maciver has created a compelling tale and left me eagerly wanting to read more of his work.


One World is the explosive tale of James Gilmour, a British SAS soldier, and his personal fight with terrorism on mainland Britain. During the assault of a hi-jacked aircraft, Gilmour befriends an eight year old girl whose mother has been shot. After the assault, Gilmour snatches the girl from social workers he believes are not working in her best interests. His actions bring down the fury of his superiors and Gilmour finds himself being thrown out of the Regiment, but things are not as they seem. Returning from a shopping trip, an SAS mate is shot dead and Gilmour is taken hostage along with the girl and a female Sergeant. With the American President's state visit to Britain imminent, Whitehall is greatly alarmed over the shooting and kidnapping of SAS soldiers, and tasks Peter Ellis, an unconventional freelance operative, to investigate. From a dying man in a disused quarry on the outskirts of Belfast, Ellis learns disturbing news.

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