Life in the Fast Lane

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a whole week since I was on here. And what a week it’s been! I have been busy doing a Spring clean of my business self, and it feels great!

The biz
I am reinventing MVPi – in a huge way. I was trying to be so many things on so many fronts that I wasn’t getting any of it done well and that makes me crazy. So, I let go of some things that I had kept attached to me through pride, and have decided to focus strictly on what I do well or really generates some excitement. You can check it out if you like at

The books
My novel is back from the publisher. Fascinating, fabulous and with much work to do, I cannot tell you how great it feels to have worked with an editor that is so good at what she does. Soon I will be diving back into the manuscript and getting on with it. I am wrapping up a couple of short term projects which are very demanding on my time and so once they are done, it’s into the book. I have also been blessed with opportunity to write for a couple of major anthologies that will be published later this year and early next year. At the same time I am working on what is quite possibly the book to cap off my professional career, and it has to be finished before the end of the year too. Wow!!!

The buzz
I am going to attempt to do something that is bigger than me, and so I am asking for your support as it takes off. Over the summer I will be making ready, planning announcements and scheduling the program that will launch in September; the first chapter for Roaring Women in Atlantic Canada. I am really excited about this! Roaring Women is a networking group that is really different; strong, power packed and backed by a network of women and men that are now international. Check out for more details about the organization, and the focus that it has on helping people who have a business to learn to do business differently. One of the things I like about roaring women is that when you see that rules don’t fit, we break them and try something new. That little nugget explains a lot about me.


Lynda said...

Very cool Pam!! You are such a busy BEE! And sure to BEE a hit!

George Maciver said...

Nice web site you have going there Professor Robertson! Best wishes with it and with all your other endeavours.

Pam Robertson said...

You guys are so good to me. Thanks for your best wishes and all the encouragement. Makes a girl feel good, it does.