My Favourite Time of Year!

I love Spring! Even though it’s been overcast the last couple of days and today has been raining all day, it didn’t dampen my spirits about visiting the garden centres. Plus things are really picking up all over my life, and it’s hard to contain my enthusiasm sometimes! Back to the garden, our back yard is pretty much a blank slate, and the front can use lots of work too. Yesterday my daughter and I found holly—what a delight! She got me a hanging basket of peach begonias for Mother’s Day, and we bought another one to hang alongside it. We found some pretty purple and creamsicle coloured violas. Today my sister and I explored the countryside and found two different varieties of heather, bleeding heart (a family favourite), geraniums…

The trees are budding close to our house, but just an hour from here, in the Annapolis Valley, the magnolias are in blossom, the leaves are popping out and the profusion of daffodils and tulips, in swaths of yellow and red, are all around. Spring is, to me, the celebration of a new year.

So what kind of year are you going to have? What kind of things are you planting in your life’s garden?

My life garden includes a very busy summer, and I am really excited about it.

· An intensive coaching program with none other than Bob Proctor (yes, THAT Bob Proctor)

· Leading a new mastermind group (could this be Spumoni II, since the first group I was a part of was affectionately known as the Spumoni’s?)

· Founding a chapter of Roaring Women right here in Halifax

· Three published works out by the end of the year (two in production, one in editing)

There’s lots blooming this summer! Want to join in the fun? Let me know!

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Lynda said...

Here we go !! Spring is springing all around us and shortly after spring comes my favourite time of year - Summer!! Wahoo, made it through another winter. I can't wait to get the garden looking pretty and inviting to all. I'm looking forward to my new endeavours too as a Virtual Assistant to those busy people that need data entry done, letters sent or book keeping!