Touring Day

My cousin and uncle are out here right now for a visit. Today we did some touring and drove out to Peggy’s Cove, Mahone Bay and Lunenburg. That makes for a very full day. We did some rock clambering at Peggy’s Cove.

I love this sign...

We stopped at the Swiss Air Memorial down the highway from Peggy's Cove. This is a shot looking back towards the lighthouse.

It’s a hauntingly beautiful memorial but very sad given what happened. Attributed to pilot error, the plane was having difficulties and so the pilot turned around towards the Halifax airport and miscalculated when to release to excess fuel...211 lives lost in 1998. Sorry no picture of it, but there is a tremendous photo set if you click ----> here.

We went through the Fisherman’s museum in Lunenburg, which is really well done and has a great staff who love to fill you in with little tidbits of information, like the contest you can enter in the restaurant on the second level. They’ll ship 25 one pound lobster’s anywhere so that you can host two dozen of your best buddies for a lobster fest’. Yum.

The Bluenose II, Canada’s darling tall ship, was docked and looking very graceful despite threatening skies (the pics did not come out very well). It was a great treat to see her there, and the first time my cousin and sister have ever seen her. We took some pictures and also paid our respects at the Fisherman’s Memorial, which is both graceful and beautiful. The memorial is a large compass laid out on the ground. From each compass point is a marble column that has the names of the fishermen and vessels that have been lost each year. I honour the fishermen who have worked a brutally difficult work in the worst and weather to bring food to people’s tables, and I thank them for that.

My sister got a great shot of the Fisherman's Memorial and has graciously said I could post it here. She's good that way (and thanks sis, I really appreciate it!).

This was a fun day. Good visiting, good touring, good family. :o)


George Maciver said...

Memorials? Bluenosed ships? Piccies dear woman, we need piccies! A picture paints a thousand words, didn't you know that? My goodness, can't you just picture the face that launched a thousand ships? What a mess!

Pam Robertson said...

Oh alright George. Such demands!

George Maciver said...

Much better!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cousin that was a great time we had I really enjoyed myself that day.