but but but

My very dear friend called me today, and she is on a mission. Today it struck her how many times she uses the word “but”. Not “butt” as in your derriere, but the other “but”, the one that negates everything in front of it. I have also been guilty of this, and so we've made a pledge.

You know the but that I mean, don't you? Like when you say “honey, I love you dearly…but your feet are smelly” and all of a sudden honey is feeling very unloved because you are not thinking anything about love. You are focussed on smelly feet.

Or when your friend pours out her heart and is completely distraught about something in her life, and you open your big mouth with “but…” and cancel out everything she’s just said.

So here’s the challenge; say what you mean, mean what you say. Try to avoid “but” and see what kind of endearing conversations you can be a part of this week.


Georgemaciver said...

But Pam . . . oops.

Pam Robertson said...

:o) You're a riot.

Lynda said...

I'm up for it! I'd say we should have a toast to seal the deal ___ we don't drink!! hahaha

Gleek said...

But I always mean what I say!