Cold Calls with a Warm Message

I’ve been cold calling and making in person sales calls this week. It’s an interesting foray into previously unfamiliar territory. Before I moved my business 5000 kms I was pretty well known and so did not have to do a lot of active marketing. One speaking or training event led nicely to several more and so there was a flow to it. That and I also had a full time job, so when there was no flow it was not really a big deal.

However I knew that moving to a new area would change things and that I would have to step outside my comfort zone in order to make a dint in my new home region. I actually started the week with an uncharacteristically bad attitude about making the calls and visits that are so important; I do not want to cold call, do not like to cold call and that sort of thing. I did some conscious work about breaking barriers (thanks in part to mentoring with folks who are absolutely amazing) and finally made up my mind to stop procrastinating and get started! As with many things it was not so bad, nothing awful happened, and once again I have met some fascinating people who live and work in the most interesting places.

So here’s my warm call out to my blog readers...let me know what you think of my approach :o) call...ring ring

Hello (insert name). My name is Pam Robertson and I work with Bob Proctor’s LifeSuccess Consultants. We are committed to helping individuals and companies to achieve better personal and professional results. We provide a variety of different programs and training that help people understand their own results and how they get them, so that they can make lasting improvements in any area of their life.

My purpose in reaching out to you today is to see if you would be interested in learning more about the services that we provide. I can offer you a free 30 or 60 minute session at one of your staff meetings, a leader’s retreat or lunch and learn session that will provide your people with meaningful insight and a way to get started right now. If you’d prefer, I can also come and speak to you personally with more information.

Is this something that you would be interested in learning more about?

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