Happy Canada Day!

Happy 141st Birthday my home and native land! Canada is celebrating July 1 in fine style for her birthday, and I invite you to take part no matter where you are!

On another note, I heard people grumbling about the fact that the holiday falls on a Tuesday and they were upset that it broke up the week. There was news of a movement to move the celebration to make sure that it always falls on a Monday. Come on you people, wake up! July 1 is the holiday and lots of the time it will be found on days other than Monday so just quit complaining and enjoy the spirit of the day. It’s our birthday! Celebrate!


Lynda said...

Cheers Canada!! I agree I don't care what day of the week it falls on... we'll all be tired together the day after the fireworks!

George Maciver said...

Yay, go Canada!