How's that working for you?

One in three people in Canada are not satisfied in their job. One in three! I didn’t make that up; today I heard a re-broadcast of a CBC program that originally aired in November 2007, and if CBC says it…well, let’s just say that even if they’re off by a few points, one-third of the workforce being unsatisfied is sure a lot of unhappy people. Add to that the number of adults who are not working and also unhappy about their unemployed status, and all of a sudden there are a lot of people who are not being fulfilled when it comes to work.

Working full time normally consists of about 2000 hours per year. If you work on average of 40 years full time, you'll get some fluctuation due to vacations but that's roughly 80,000 hours of your life. Imagine what you can accomplish spending just one of those years doing something that you absolutely love, something that jazzes you. Now, think for a moment about how great it would feel to apply your energy to a career that really jazzes you.

Maybe it's time to do some work and live inspired.

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Lynda said...

Wow ! 1 in 3 people - That's unreal, or really I guess unfortunately it is VERY real! Good thing I've had you to steer me straight!