Journey to the Highlands

Alright I did it! Mostly because one of my faithful readers asked me to...I have downloaded some recent pics off my camera (there were about 300 of them in all; I think that I need a picture organizer that will come and set up all...ah, nevermind). I will really have to get to this a little more often. These are a few shots that I took about two weeks ago, when my daughter and I took a day off and drove into the Nova Scotia highlands.

This one is of a scotch distillery, and so we stopped by to pick up a bottle of course. It smells really good inside this place. Since I rarely drink the stuff it'll wait until the next time that Dad comes for a visit.

Could not resist this shot. I have no idea how to pronounce the Gaelic name, but I'd be willing to bet one of you might know someone who knows someone...

This was the beach at Inverness that day. There was a stiff breeze and it was mighty chilly, but we really didn't care.

Here's a cliff shot.

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