MVPi ready to launch!

What a busy little office we have here this week! I have been gearing up for the big MVPi re-launch. That means I’ve been jigging the brand, the website, doing some very active marketing and working WAY outside of my comfort zone. My comfort zone includes things like development, coaching and speaking, but I have never branched into the cold calling arena. When I picked the business up and moved it 5000 kilometres across the country last year, I fully expected I would be cold calling in order to “get my name out”. But it’s something that is very new to me; in the past people were coming to me asking for help and so I didn’t have to work too hard to be acknowledged within my industry. Fortunately I am working with a couple of amazing world renowned coaches who have been able to help me through it. As someone who is normally providing coaching to others, I sure love the benefits of being coached!

I keep asking myself questions like:

  • Am I doing things in the right way to get the most exposure to the most amount of people in the shortest possible time?
  • Am I reaching people who need my help?
  • How can I make sure that the services I deliver have the greatest bang for their buck? I want to make sure that people get the most value that I can give them while giving them the best information and access to learning, materials and support that they can really use!

Coaching, writing and marketing take up a fair chunk of my week, and I am also working on the blog and finishing off my soon to be published book: Live Inspired! Create the Life of Your Dreams, which will be out by the end of this summer. This is a small book that takes some of the greatest stuff that I have learned—and used—during the past several years. It is part workbook and part journal, so I hope that it’s going to be something that people really use. Like a favourite recipe book, it's intended to be written in, thought through, and to have some page corners turned.

There are a couple of other book projects coming, which I have on the website but will also tell you about here:

Wake Up Women BE Happy, Healthy & Wealthy will be out around October 2008. This book includes some of the best coaches, consultants and authors in North America! It is about making lasting, meaningful changes in your life, and is going to be an amazing project.

Wake Up Live the Life You Love, Empowered. Experience the power that frees people to create a new life. This will be a dynamic book and includes experts like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins and Brian Tracy with inspiring and meaningful writing that can change your life if you want it too. I am one of the co-authors on this book and we will be happy to share it with you as the release date gets closer.

I have a couple of questions for you:

What are you up to lately that has you operating outside of your comfort zone? What are you learning from that experience?

If you want to check out the updated site, click here or visit

Live inspired!


Lynda said...

Ready, set, go!! You rock Pam! You have so much to offer people here in NS and I'm sure that once you provide a few sessions to your 'cold calls' that word of mouth will spread like wildfire. Are you ready for the whirlwind that is about to begin!?

GeorgeMaciver said...

Hi Pam, now that I have my new PC up and running, things are getting back to normal here. Only took me FIVE days. Geez, XP you just plugged the PC in and everything worked. Not so with Vista, I'm afraid. I hope Microsoft have enjoyed the three trillion emails asking for customer support they must have had. Serves them right :D

Pam Robertson said...

I am ready for everything Lynda, just wish the damned printer was doing what I want it too. Dang!
George it's great to see you back on-line, and I am glad you are making sure that Microsoft takes care of you. I've actually been quite happy with Vista since I got it, but then my computer needs are pretty simple--type type type! :o)

George Maciver said...

Oh, you misunderstand me, I didn't email Microsoft, I was one of the lucky ones who could spend 5 days figuring it all out myself.

My heart goes out to all the poor sods who don't know anything about computers and have upgraded from XP and tried to take all their older software and hardware with them. That's where the trillions of emails would have generated from!

Pam Robertson said...

LOL George--now I get it. And I love that even in the middle of "one of those days" you can say something that just makes me laugh. Good luck with the 'puter, and just keep in mind what it cost, should you be tempted to punt it through a window at some future date. PS, I am one of those poor sods, crossing my fingers as I plug it in and hoping that I have backed all my old stuff up sufficiently so nothing gets lost in the process! ;o)