Sad Times

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia is back on the international map today. Last winter the community was pulled into action to find a girl who was first thought to have run away following an argument with her mother. After a massive search and two weeks of freezing miserable weather, the young girl’s body was found on a river bank just outside of town. Four months later, her mother has been charged with pre-meditated murder.

That poor child; the last thing she would know on this planet were that her mother was taking her life.

I’m a human being, and a mother. I’ve been a single mother for far more years than I was a married mother. I’ve been depressed, broke, frustrated and at the end of my own rope, and yet even in my darkest, most trying moments I cannot think of what would drive a mother to take the life of her child. Yeah, I know about all kinds of mental illness, desperation, frustration, all those aspects of what may have been going on in this mother’s life. I know that kids can push our buttons and that no matter what their age or gender, they can seem to make us loopy at times. Despite that, I still cannot fathom what would lead a mother to take the life of her own child. No wonder the community finds it difficult to now support the mother; there is not a lot of discussion about innocent until proven guilty. There is heartbreak and sadness all over again.


GeorgeMaciver said...

The only thing I would support this mother with, if this is true, would be a nice solid wooden gallows. If it's true.

Pam Robertson said...

I think that the taking of a child does justify harsh penalties. It also troubles me that we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime to incarcerate someone because it is supposed to provide justice when in fact, a life has been taken. The last hanging here was in 1937, and so the harshest penalty they can hand out is life in prison. Which isn't life because I believe it tops out at 35 years. :(

Lynda said...

My heart breaks for that young girl too. Her last moments must have been awful. I can't fathom what would have possessed her mother to do it. The poor kid. Young, bright and snuffed out by the one person you'd expect to have laid down her life to protect her child. :0(