The 21st Century Career

We used to refer to “career” only in terms of work that you got paid for. Your career path was expected to start at the end of school and progress into something that led to retirement and a nice send off party. Things have finally changed! Your career includes work that you get paid for and the things that you volunteer for, but it’s even more than that.

You don’t need to see a career coach, consultant or counsellor to figure out just what kind of work turns your crank. Your life is about a lot more than just work, isn’t it? Sure you probably work, and if not you might be doing unpaid work. You also have people that are important; spouses, dates, children, parents, friends. Then you have hobbies or interests that you’d like to develop, education you might want to pursue, a community to be a part of, and more.

Developing your career is about managing your life. The real question is, do you know where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there?


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George Maciver said...

Hi Pam, some intriguing questions there and well put. This time I've spent up here in the Highlands caring for my Dad has been a remarkable phase of life, not least because I've actually found time to do a few things I'd never otherwise have had time to do. It's certainly given me a new perspective on my life.

Where we go after this, I've no idea! Can't really plan it either as Dad may very live for another 10 years, by which time I'll have the biggest web site on earth and a rather large pile of gold!

Pam Robertson said...

Hi George,
You've done something that many adult children will not or cannot do--and that is to be at the service of an ailing parent. It is something which we will see our generation have to decide on more frequently as our parents hit their golden years. When I see the number of assisted living and nursing home facilities advertised on TV it reminds me of how few people actually have family that are able or willing to look after them.
My parents have also had some pretty serious trials, and right now they are 3000 miles away from me, and my daughter at university is right here. Will I go back home when the time comes? Will my brother or sister look after our parents? I doubt my parents would move to where I am and where they are not so familiar with the place, healthcare and so on. So you and I are in the same boat...the "HMS No Idea" but fortunate to make the best of it all at the same time. Happy trails!