Book project taking off!

Wake Up Women BE Happy, Health & Wealthy is on track for an October 2008 release, and this pic is the just released cover proof. The book is written by dynamic, successful women who have built remarkable lives, and they are sharing their stories in this first book of the series. There are 40 co-authors who have each contributed to the book, and each of their stories is as individual as it is fascinating.

The authors in the book are top coaches and business women from a variety of backgrounds. You may or may not have heard of all of them yet, but their stories will touch readers everywhere. The authors include:

* Terri-Amos Britt * Amy Appelbaum * Alice Comer * Johanna Cortleigh * Arielle Ford * Loral Langemeier * Jennifer Morgan * Jet Parker * Sheila Pearl * Arlene Ranelli * Erica Rueschhoff * Michelle Sanchez *** and me, of course.

I’ll keep you up to date with our progress, and invite you to pre-order your own copy as soon as the system is set up and books are closer to printing.

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Lynda said...
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Lynda said...

This is so exciting! I'll pre-order as soon as it's set up as long as you'll sign it for me!

George Maciver said...

Exciting stuff!

Pam Robertson said...

I'll sign it and even hand deliver it. I am really excited to be a part of this book, and to see it taking off. Thanks guys!

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Pam, I wish you great success on the progress of your book.

Thank you for the Birthday wish; I appreciate it.

Jazmin said...


George Maciver said...

Really like the new look design for your Blog!

Pam Robertson said...

Thanks for the compliment George! I have also added a couple of new features--a blog roll (you're on it) and RSS feed button.

Jennifer Morgan said...

Hi Pam - of course I love this particular post of yours - its all very exciting, isn't it?!
I am really looking forward to this adventure, and enjoying getting to know you better.
Hope to meet you face-to-face in September!