My world is a jam jar!

What else would I be doing today? A mid-morning meeting followed by an afternoon strategy session at my computer, then a couple of blood pumping phone calls, and then… had to tackle the strawberries.

Sunday afternoon I visited one of the local farm trucks and the smell of strawberries carried on the wind made me salivate. Instead of buying a wee package that we could scarf down easily, I broke down and bought an entire flat. 12 quarts of fresh mouth watering strawberries.

It took me an hour and a half to prep them all last night (chop chop chop), and this afternoon was optimal jam time judging by the plumpness and sweet swelling bowls in the fridge. It's also scorching hot around here today, a warm and humid 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) at 90% humidity. Can you imagine the sweaty brow?

I started the jam just after supper, and by 9:00 PM and time for my mastermind group to meet via phone the jam was still simmering in the pot. Thank goodness for my sister, who stood guard and stirred for the hour I was out of the kitchen. You have to stir that stuff continually so that it doesn’t catch on the bottom of the pot and spoil the batch, and fortunately for me she was willing.

The stack of jars look pretty appealing now that they are all done and sealed properly, and it's not quite midnight yet. The lengths some folks will go to for a decent piece of toast. :o)


Lynda said...

Can't wait to try it!!

George Maciver said...

Toast? I thought you were making jam?