Want to be your own boss?

Lots of folks I work with contemplate self employment, but self employment is a lot easier to spell than it is to actually manage. You’ve got to be a certain type of person to manage your own business, and you’ve also got to have your life set up to manage the first several months or even years while the business gets underway and you start making money. If you are wondering if you have what it takes to consider working for yourself, there are all kinds of options on-line. The trouble is that many of them make you provide your email address in order to get your results, and then they flood your email with stuff that you never wanted while they try to sell you a series of “get rich quick” self study materials. The Business Development Bank of Canada offers an excellent assessment that doesn’t ask you to sign up, log in or jump on. The link is long so if it doesn't work, simply copy it and paste it into your browser window.

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Lynda said...

It is certainly be a lot harder to work for yourself. Working for someone else means that to a great extent you do your set tasks and then go home. Leaving all the logistics and background goings on to the owner/management. Of course that's all good if you work for a fair and decent employer.