Farmer's Market Delight!

My sister and I went to the Halifax Farmer’s Market this morning for the first time. Last summer when we wanted fresh locally grown produce, we’d drive an hour or so out in the country to the Annapolis Valley and check out the markets there. This summer time is a bit more precious, so we headed downtown. What an experience! This is a huge market, with vendors and shoppers tucked into every corner in, around and below the historic Keith’s brewery, just steps from the harbour.

We met a local meat producer who had a tremendous selection – including some of my favourites I didn’t even think we could get locally, like kielbasa. He also had some delicious sausage rolls! We stalked up on baby potatoes, young carrots, broccoli and more. There were fresh blueberries, strawberries, green and yellow beans, beets, squash – and the stalks of gladioli were beautiful.

Several years ago when I was really thinking about career moves of my own, one of the things that I seriously considered was purchasing a small farm and setting up a greenhouse or two, then supplying local restaurants and B & B’s with fresh herbs, greens, and perhaps a selection of preserves and compound butters. I talked myself out of it. Most people do not know that food producers make just seven cents of every food dollar that people spend, and it’s bloody hard work. But today, among the colours, smells and tastes mingling with the chatter of vendors and shoppers and a couple of guitar players, was a great day to celebrate farming.

We’re going back again next week.

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Lynda said...

We have to support our local growers if we don't want our produce traveling all the way from the US sprayed with God knows what and picked before it's ripe. I like my fresh veggies FRESH!! My dog also benefits from they're wonderful raw dog food Trump of Trumphill Farms.