Recruitment or Recruiting?

When did recruitment become a buzz word exactly? It seemed to show up one day and never disappear but I really don’t like it, not one little bit. Recruitment is a noun. A process for getting people in to your business. The first time I heard it used in a conference I could actually hear people’s eye glazing over (that’s not a pleasant experience, just in case you were wondering).

If you’re really interested in finding the right people to work with you and you are doing the varied, interesting, brow furrowing and sweaty work required to find those people, I say you are really recruiting. Hiring the right people requires action, and recruiting is a verb (an action word!). It’s much more than a process laid out in a flowchart; it's about dynamic people actively seeking the right candidates who will thrive in a new environment.

Recruiting or recruitment; what do you think?

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Plague Rat said...

Recruiting, because it's more grammatically apt, which is all I can really say on the matter.