The Calm Before the Storm - Hanna Heads for Nova Scotia

I packed my grown daughters into the car today and we headed off to Lawrencetown Beach to see the pre-storm effects of Hanna, which is expected to hit here tomorrow. As we got out of the car and I reached for my purse and camera, I noticed that my purse wasn’t where I normally throw it and so, we hopped back in the car and headed back to the coffee shop where I had left it. Thank the Lord for good, kind honest people who handed it over to the staff for safekeeping. So purse safely retrieved, we head off again for the beach.

Surfers in their dry suits crowded the beach, looking for that perfect spot to strike out on their boards. I smiled at the young fellows with their crisply-gelled-sticking-up-in-all-the-right-places-until-it-gets-wet-hair. There were a couple of groups of brave picnickers picking the sand out of their lunches and enjoying the day. The air was sticky and warm at about 90% humidity, and the sky was a pale silver with a bank of fog lurking close by. (remember, there is a huge storm coming, so this is pre-storm weather), and once again back to the beach. The wind was blowing up nicely along the shore, and the surfers were out bobbing in the water waiting for the right wave. I soaked in the view and muted colours of it all and listened to the roar of the wind and the thumps of the big waves as they shuddered against the beach.

By the time Hanna reaches here tomorrow in mid-afternoon it’ll be downgraded (likely) to a post tropical storm with about 2 inches of rain falling here at home and 80 km (50 mph) winds.


Lynda said...

Batten down the hatches! The pics are great. Stay safe Sis!

Sun Singer said...

I wish Hannah had left a little of its rain in north Georgia. Hopefully, it won't flood Nova Scotia or cause a lot of beach erosion.

Down here, we've forgotten Hannah and are watching Ike.


George Maciver said...

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous up here in the northern Highlands of Scotland this year, for a change. Love it. Thanks for sharing the moment Pam.

Plague Rat said...

Oh my god my hair.

Pam Robertson said...

Lynda you'll be glad you're out in Alberta this week. Forecast here is various types of precipitation, all of them wet!

Malcolm it looks like Ike has made a real mess in Texas - hope things were not too bad in Georgia. It seems we're in for quite a storm season this year.

George it's great to hear that Fall is coming in lovely somewhere. I am hoping that the leaves here turn their beautiful array of Maple reds before long, and don't just blosw right off!

Steph I love that hair - it says stormy weather like nothing else can!