On the move

What a week it’s been! Things that are hard in life are meant to challenge us, help us grow. I believe that, but I’ve also struggled with the notion of it this week. Financially, things have been really tough and so here we go again – moving.

I do not like moving. I don’t like the emotional upheaval and intense logistics required to pull it all off. I do not enjoy the sorting and clearing out, the research and phone calls, and I balk at the cost. I have moved far more times than I care to count (although I have counted of course). The last time I moved – about 14 months ago – I said that it was going to be the last time for a long time, and I was quite smug about it. Confident. I was getting work that draws a lot of business from the US. That work wrapped up prematurely in the spring as the “troubled” US economy hit our industry with a thump. I managed to gimp through the summer, just barely.

Sometimes making things work means taking a good honest look at our reality and doing things that are really hard. Things that we don’t want or like, but make a choice to do in order to get things in order for the long term. So the house is going on the market, and I am embarking on an ambitious downsizing exercise. It’s not that I have an issue with getting rid of stuff per se; it’s the upset to my family and emotional center that really hurts.

There isn’t time to indulge in complaining, so I will get on with it all.


Lynda said...

Feel free to grumble! I know I'm feeling rather grumpy about it too.I haven't even been able to start looking around and packing but today is the day! I will take control of my 'stuff' and start to square it all away for yet another move! I have really gotten quite good at sorting and packing due to my tumble weed lifestyle. We'll get through it - we always do!

char said...

The first four months of this year were Intense! financially. The following 3 months had lots of opportunities and resources floating my way to help me tread water.

Lately, the sunshine and balmy breeze days are becoming more frequent.

At the time, several times, I didn't know how I was going to go on as a small business (supplementing with many casual jobs). The basics elsewhere in my life were only just being met- where time/energy/resources to juggle detailed business concerns as well.

Now I get to look back at those swells and reef to say, "Gee~ I sailed that Strait".

I much more aware of the potential of my abilities. There were opportunities for others to be there for me (humbling; letting others say thx for when you've been there; community living).
And damn I was creative sometimes! As are my friends who continue to help~ the power of trade in energy/resources can help each other to achieve many more goals.

Nowadays when I start to fret about financial stuff, it doesn't seem to last long. After what I've been through the swells just don't seem to scare anymore. And I am a much better sailor.

and the adventures!


there is a pingback to your Homepage from my Employment page.

It would be great if you could Guest Blog sometime.

Pam Robertson said...

Lynda I love the tumbleweed descriptor - it is SO fitting!

Char - thanks for your visit! I'll be checking your site out soon!