Again into the breach

So it’s been a whole week now since our move. I was pretty ticked off about a bunch of things at first; the speed that my hourly movers actually moved things at; the reasons behind the move, which were purely financial; the price of cardboard boxes which you used to be able to scrounge at the liquor store for nothing; other things.

But today someone asked me how things were going now that it was a week later, and I was able to stand back and take a look. There are usually some perks that you never even thought of but yet are wonderful...we've moved from a big house into a 3 bedroom roomy apartment -- so my evenings are freer because there is no yard and lawn to look after, no wood to chop for the fire or big place to vacuum. Last night I ran the vacuum around here and it took about 15 minutes. I think I have "found" an hour a day which is a great treat! Our neighbours are quiet and really friendly (lots of seniors in here, which I love, and they all know each other). From our balcony, there was a beautiful view of the sunset last night and swirling, dancing cloud. I know there will be other things. I’ll find them in time too.


Lynda said...

Glad you are looking for positives :-) There are always some - that's true. Sometimes, like you say you really have to look, but in time I'm sure you won't have to look so hard.
I'm rooting for you too!

Pam Robertson said...

You're a brick Lynda - truly! Thanks a gazillion.