The Writing Heats Up!

I have been writing like mad for the past two weeks – all part of the energy that comes with the launch of a great project, like Forever Friends, an anthology that has been created by writers from around the world, including some really good friends of mine.

What have I been writing lately is the technical stuff that I was doing a year ago – updating a course in interview skills and then presenting it over a two day period at St. Mary’s University. I met a great group of people there, we did loads of work, learning and some laughing, and it has to be said, some singing. My workshops are generally like that – a little something for everyone.

I am just getting started on another course (big secret, but lots of research, creativity and of course the tippety tap of the keyboard beneath my fingers) that will be ready to launch in the new year, which has also got me started on an e-course and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of other stuff.

What a time!


Lynda said...

You go girl!! I love that you are clickety clacking away !! They say that knowledge is power but I think the real talent is to be able to convey it to others!!

George Maciver said...

Great to see you're being kept busy and enjoying your work.


Pam Robertson said...

Thanks to both of you - things are lookin' pretty good from this side of the snow fence these days.