Christmas in my heart

Christmas is really close, and I am missing my family back home as I write this and am remembering previous gatherings. Smells of turkey and sausage stuffing float on the air, competing with a waft of nutmeg being grated onto freshly made eggnog. Music playing in the background might be off the stereo, or one of us having a turn at the piano, a flute, or just whistling in the kitchen. These are my favourite parts of Christmas, if I really get down to it; the smells and sounds of family and friends close by to celebrate. Something about being a part of creating a meal – usually in a crowded kitchen as everyone does their part in getting things ready – for people that I love, and getting the mix of smells and sound just right really makes Christmas for me.
This year will be my smallest Christmas dinner ever; just me and my girls, but it’ll be lovely all the same. We’ll be thinking of family and friends back home and all over the world, and celebrating the meaning of Christmas itself.
In celebration of the birth of our saviour, and the fellowship that comes from sharing this special time together in groups small or large, I wish you a very Merry Christmas. With love, music and good food for everyone.

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Lynda said...

There will be a huge hole in my heart this Christmas too. I've not wanted to think about the silence that will fall on my ears without you and the girls with me. You hear what I say and what is in my heart. So I know that you know how much I love you all and miss you and that you will be held closely in my heart and thoughts.