What's in your closet?

I’ve moved recently, which is always a great time to clear some things out and set up your new space in a way that’s quite enjoyable. In doing so, I have been really giving my closet a lot of consideration. You see, I have a rather nice sized bedroom, and then walk through the closet to a half bathroom. I cannot stand closet clutter at the best of times, and since I have to walk through it to get to the bathroom, I have to get it right. In doing so, I thought I would help my faiththful readers with 10 things no woman’s closet should harbour:

1) If your clothes are more than a year old or two sizes too small for you, get rid of them. You aren’t going to want to wear any of that old stuff when you lose the weight, so stop carting it around.

2) Tapered jeans are OUT. Get them out of your closet and off your mind – they make all of look like an exclamation mark!

3) Elastic waistbands (otherwise known as mom pants ) are absolutely awful on anyone. Get rid of them. If you really aren’t sure what they are, check this out. Enough said, okay?

Old bras. Our shape changes as we age – everywhere. If you are wearing a bra that is more than six months old, check the elastic. Treat yourself and go for a bra fitting – get one that puts the girls in their place.

5) No list that mentions old bras can be without discussion about
old undergarments. I’ve seen women look absolutely stunning, and then they move or bend and the camisole or slip shows a bit. The reason this stuff has lace or fine edges girls, is so that when it peeks out it looks pretty, not dingy. Learn how to wash your lingerie (by hand, or on gentle in the machine) and keep it beautiful. Get rid of the old dingy stuff. Guys, this applies to you and your boxers/briefs too. Please.

6) Shoulder pads. I don’t know why we still have this discussion, but shoulder pads were great in the 1980’s when we wanted to look like football players. If you are holding on to a favourite, great blazer and it has padding, get to a tailor and have it redone without them.

7) Shoes that are falling apart, scuffed or have heels that are falling off can ruin your entire outfit. Get them fixed, or be gone with them. Don’t be afraid of shoe polish either – it can really spiff up your look.)

8) It’s cool – especially these days – to shop the consignment and used clothing stores. Just make sure that what you get really is going to do you justice, and avoid anything from the previous millennium.

9) Wire hangers – these are the ones that you get from the dry cleaners and somehow use as everyday hangers. They are murder on your good clothes, so go ahead and indulge in that big package of thick plastic ones that come cheap, especially in the after Christmas sales in January. The wooden variety with the clips to hold your skirts and slacks are also ideal.

10) Handbags are an accessory, so they should compliment what you wear. Those bags you have been carrying around since high school with team logos, broken zips, cracked handles or stains are yucky, so get rid of them.

Enjoy your new closet – one where whatever you put your hand on is something useful, looks good, feels good, and that you can enjoy having.

Happy sorting!


Lynda said...

Being closetless I do not have the same issue and since I too have recently moved I had donated or thrown all that did not fit/suit I was still amazed at some of the stuff I unpacked. I thought to myself, 'Self, what the heck possessed you to pack and pay to ship this old thing across this vast country???' Oh well, there is room in the rag bag!!

Pam Robertson said...

It is an interesting exercise too, to think of the things that seem to have value when we pack them up, countered by the realization of what they are when we reveal them. I continue to do it myself, especially with craft or project stuff that I think I'll get to, just as soon as I finish off something else!