I'm late, I'm a freaking rabbit!

I was late today. I hate being late; I’ve had prolonged discussions with lateness with some of my friends and family, and those who know me well know how I feel about it. It’s inconsiderate. It’s completely unnecessary. And today, it was my fault.
It was minus 20 something or other outside, minus 30 with the windchill, and I did not leave myself enough time to scrape the windows on the car. Then as I drove downtown, I realized that many others had done the same, which meant that I had to park in a lot that was two lots farther away than the one I wanted. And not just any lot either, one of those damned lots with one ticket booth placed near the entrance, and I had to park about 200 metres away from it. I was 15 minutes late. Arghh! I hate the feeling that comes over me when I am late. *sigh*.
Still, I am REALLY glad I vented about it here , because now I am going to let it go and get over it.

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Lynda said...

Thanks to YOUR kind coaching I don't live by that feeling anymore. But I do remember how horrible it felt!! It's not a good kind of adrenaline rush!