Jumpin' January!

I am feeling really funny today. I cannot decide if I am just getting giddy about life coming out of that dark part of winter, or maybe my blood sugar’s high. Maybe it’s a little of both; I have been eating a lot of porridge lately, which is a mixed blessing (lots of good fibre, but carbohydrate high), kind of like January. A mixed blessing that is.

Do you have a month that brings lots of energy out in you? In the last few years, that has been January for me. The period of time from September to the New Year has always been very busy, and so January is time to stand back and regroup, update my goals and take stock. The result is that by the beginning of February, when the days are getting noticeably longer and the sunshine a little brighter, my energy really soars.

This January, my oldest daughter moved out and headed back to our home province. My youngest daughter and I have taken over the vacated room and turned it into a project space. Right now that means there are stacks of books ready to be shipped out as orders come in, and they are flanked by packing material. The book is getting some great press in the US, having reached #7 on the B& N Bestsellers list, and #1 on a couple of the women’s lists. Today I delivered copies to my doctor’s office, the post office, and the pharmacy. It was really great, and I cannot wait to do some more. Being a writer really getting exciting!

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