Out With the Old and In With the New...ish

When I made that long trek across the country nearly 2 years ago, some of the furniture got wretchedly damaged on the train. The entertainment unit for example, was a moderately expensive MDF composition, which took my Dad and I about 3 hours to assemble. While it was packed in among all the stuff on the train, it had one edge sheared off by something akin to a bread knife. Not my bread knife, which was packed in a box and made it through just fine. It had to be someone else’s break knife. Then, there was the top shelf, which clearly had been subjected to something that weighed in excess of 300 pounds and left it sagging in the middle.

Skip forward a year and a half.

A woman I work with mentioned that her mom was moving and needed to get rid of a very fine entertainment unit. This unit is actually made of wood, lovingly cared for with not a hint of MDF anywhere, and it was free of charge! I said yes, and the arrangements were made. This morning I got up and emptied my ol' sad unit, then got to the work of taking it apart. Taking an MDF formed cabinet apart (I needed to actually take it apart in order to put it into the garbage outside) took some finesse, because parts of it were glued together and others had been reinforced. There was some pushing and sweating on my part, and from somewhere deep inside of it, sawdust. There was also no way it would ever go back together after I got it apart. I bit my lip a bit, and hoped that work pal of mine was going to be able to deliver the unit.

Well, the cabinet was going to be delivered today, however, it would not fit in the designated truck. Hmm. So as I sit here this evening plunking away on my laptop and watching rubbish on television, said TV is perched on top of an old rail chest. It’s a little bachelor pad looking. Now I’ll just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.


Seth Simonds said...

I hope your new unit arrives soon!

Then again, you could just get rid of the TV and have all that free space...

I got rid of my TV about 8 months back and haven't missed it one bit. Probably easy for me because I'd always been one for reading instead of TV.

You've reminded me how dreadful moving really is. Were I moving to a perfect tropical location tomorrow I would still, in all likelihood, catch myself groaning about some packing task. =)

Best to you!


Pam Robertson said...

Hi Seth, and thanks for your visit! I did actually consider completely getting rid of the TV, but I am a big fan of movies and prefer to watch them on the TV rather than on my laptop!

I have moved many times (I actually had to count them for a piece that I wrote and if I got them all, it was about 23 times in my 43 years), and am now at a point in my life where I really like to think about moving as a chance to clean up any dark corners and get rid of stuff I don't use so that I don't have so much to lift. The donation centers love me.

Drop by anytime!

Lynda said...

While waiting for the newish unit to arrive just think how nice it will be to have an actual piece of furniture that is not composed of sawdust and glue and weighs a ton. Instead think of the lovely, well cared for and soon to be cherished piece of craftsmanship that will look so fine next to the 100 year old wooden piano. :0)

Nhil / Call Center Gal said...

As for me, I'd rather have the free space while waiting for the new TV to arrive.

Have a great day!

Pam Robertson said...

Hi Nhil/Call Centre Girl - I have to say that I am kind of getting used to the "new" look (not sure I like it, but I am adjusting). Thanks for dropping by today - hope to see you again!