Social Media two-oh-oh-nine

As a mom, when my kids starting using the internet, I was really curious, and because they were young, not just a little concerned. I used to take the internet cable with me to work kind of concerned at one time. It didn't take me long to really understand that the internet per se was not a problem, and I have watched the hyper explosion of social media with tremendous interest. I cannot say that I am a pro with it or anything, but I do indulge in it, explore and meet people nearly everyday, and even more so recently, because I joined Twitter. Twitter feeds my status updates to my Facebook profile. It's a little hairy on the email inbox, but so far I am coping.
The other day I told my youngest that I am really proud of her. She has managed to navigate her way into social media, meet some interesting people and keep in touch with them, but not get so hung up on it that it is a problem; she is, after all, on the Dean's list, so I am not going to worry anywhere near like I used to.
If you are not really sure about what social media really means to you and your significant others, or the bearing that it can have on a small business, this link is to a blog post by Eric Branter puts it out there beautifully.
tap tap tappity tap on the keyboard, here we go...

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