Tales of a piano unhinged

This apartment we’re in is a bit weird. I imagine the building is probably about 20 years old, judging by the hallway decor (busy). And the floors, well, the damned things are not level. So we moved in here at the end of October, and now that all the Christmas stuff has been put away and I’ve left some things packed (going for the minimalist uncluttered look), the piano has been making me a bit snaky. You see, it is crooked.

I have an upright grand piano that I have packed from one coast to the other in this fair country. It’s black, about a hundred years old and sits starkly in front of a white wall, so the fact that it is nearly a half inch lower on one side than the other is, if you look at it long enough, obvious.

I made several attempts yesterday to raise the back right corner, but the damned thing is heavy. I tried physics, to use the weight of the piano and squeeze ever thicker books behind it to gently bring it forward and raise the back slightly off the floor. It nearly worked, but I need about 200 lbs more pressure to move it far enough to get the right sized book under the back. Dag gummit. I need a couple of friends to come over and give me a hand. Kettle’s on. Anyone up for it?


Lynda said...

If it wasn't 5300 km's you know I'd be there in a heartbeat! What about BJ?? Could you lure him over with a Cinnamon Bun?

Pam Robertson said...

I lured him over by dropping him off at his girlfriends yesterday. He's going to come over with his Dad this weekend. Yippee!