What Kind of Traveller Are You?

The trouble with being in a hotel room starts when you are in one of the Big Chains and their wireless internet is painfully slow (11 Mbps). I am just not used to this, and so I called down to the front desk to ask if it would be quicker if I plugged in, and to find out where to actually plug in. Apparently that was funny, and so the clerk said “No ma’am,” politely, although I could hear laughter there. “Don’t other people call you about a faster connection?” I asked.

“No,” he replied trying to get serious, “they really don’t anymore. They used to be more demanding, but now it’s included in the room charge, we really don’t get that much.”

What kind of service do you demand and expect when you travel? Are you wanting more? What does that look like?

I do not think of myself as a demanding traveller. I am not a complainer when it comes to things as long as they work, are clean and quiet. I did stay in a room in Bangor, Maine one time where the bathroom door was hanging off one hinge. There were no other rooms in the inn that night, and no one to come fix it. I have stayed in cigarette stinky rooms because that was the punishment for travelling with my dog. Here in Moncton, the room is clean, the food passable. The bed linens are really nice; a 500 thread count or so. There are loads of pillows, which I like, and the shower head is one of those rain ones, which is nice. But the internet connection leaves something to be desired since I am one of those folks who works with lots open at the same time and puts heavy demand on my little ‘puter.

Speaking of ‘puter, I need to ask Whafor your help. I’ve entered my blog into a contest for a free overhaul and setting me up on Wordpress. If you’d be a sweetie, dear reader, and visit this site, you could vote for my blog. Right now it’s neck and neck for last place, and I’d like to come in first to take advantage of the upgrade.

Thanks a million. For being a part of this little community, and for voting.


Lynda said...

How many mps was that?? Oh my that would make anyone just a tad grumpy and I'm not a person that keeps 100 windows open at once like you!! :0)
I don't like being forced to endure the smoking rooms because of my dogs either, it really sucks actually - the pillows always reek of the stuff and then your hair and jammies etc. Of course the room with the 100 biting black flies buzzing around, that had to be the worst!

Lynda said...

I voted for you!