Winter Wonderland - Oh Canada!

I’ve been in Moncton, NB, about 2 ½ hours from home since yesterday. Normally a road trip is exciting, Moncton a fine place, and the chance to hang out with colleagues outside of work is something I really enjoy. These are great folks!

Tonight – and through tomorrow – will be time to make some decisions, and they are not all mine to make. As I sit in my comfortable hotel room, the snow plows are doing their best to keep up with a Nor’easter that is blowing through and depositing 30 cms of snow on the highway between here and Halifax. The Cobequid Pass is part of our journey home, and we have two people to deliver safely to the Halifax Airport so they can fly on to Newfoundland, so there is pressure to get there on time for that flight provided the airport is open. In fair weather, the drive is fine. In snow or pressing wind, the journey can be harrowing, particularly through that pass. We’ve rented a 4WD; we’re travelling with winter gear, because we live in a winter climate and know that we must be prepared for this kind of thing at this time of year. The team will have to decide tomorrow whether we journey out, or stay an extra day. I am heading to bed praying for clear skies and a steady parade of snowplows. And I am perfectly happy staying here for an extra day. I packed extra socks and stuff, just in case.

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Lynda said...

So now I am wondering did you stay an extra day or did you all brave the roads? Saw one of Acadian Bus Lines busses went off a bridge in Nova Scotia and landed in the river. Thankfully all were rescued and are fine. So tell us, how was your trip home?