A Book That Makes A Difference

We’ve had books that help us learn about ourselves, dream about a better life, or celebrate someone else’s success. They’re nice, sometimes outstanding, but they don’t necessarily cause much of a reaction. Until now.

Live Inspired is a little book that packs a wallop. This is not one of those "oh how I wish I had somebody else's life" books. This is a guide that will help you to design your life the way you want it to be, and to have it reflect what's real and what feels right for you.

With engaging anecdotes and lessons, learn how to get in touch with your life's purpose, or work out where you are going and how to get what you want. You'll find practical answers to issues like conquering a crazy supper hour at home, understanding cranky people and finding work that you love.

Author Pam Robertson has been welcomed into the ranks of best-selling authors with the success of Wake Up Women Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy (Little Seed Press, 2008). She’s working on at least three writing projects at the present time, committed to sharing knowledge, insight and inspiration that people tell her they want. Pam has spoken to audiences across Canada on the subjects in this book, which has been designed for you as something that you can read in manageable pieces no matter where you are at in your life.

"This book is inspiring! In plain and simple English it leads you to think through what is most important at each moment and then to act accordingly."

John D. Krumboltz, Professor of Education and Psychology, Stanford University.

"Careers and lives get separated when we talk about them, and this book helps to bring them together in one place where they belong. Live Inspired is a book that will help people figure out what they want and then how to go and get it."

Paul Martinelli, President, LifeSuccess Consulting.

About the author:

Pam Robertson has had many labels including coach, consultant, manager, mom, musician, soldier and teacher. She has helped people from all kinds of backgrounds – literally from accountants to zookeepers – to figure out what they want and how to get it. Her work takes her from writing in the wee hours to Career and LifeSuccess Consulting for the motivated.

Pam started her university education by becoming a teacher, and had a hard time leaving university; she followed up with certification in career development, human resources, rehabilitation and coaching. She continued to apply herself to a master’s degree in counselling and then defended her doctorate in 2006.

Originally from Alberta, Pam now calls Nova Scotia home and spends her free time scouring the beaches and visiting the farmers’ markets. To reach Pam and talk to her about the book, or invite her to come speak at your next meeting or conference, call her directly at 902 222 9212. You can also order your very own signed copy of Live Inspired at

Live Inspired!

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Lynda said...

This book will make a difference to many. Anyone that is questioning why there life is disjointed or why nothing seems to have any flow will benefit from the help in this book. Life does not equal balancing work and family it EQUALS learning to Live Inspired.