Chapter 1: The Pile Up

I found myself having to write everything down, something which I had never had to do before. I wasn’t a list person, but it became the only way to remember what I was supposed to be doing or where I needed to be. I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to bring to a meeting, even immediately after reading the agenda. I put off doing anything that wasn’t essential because I hardly had the energy to get dressed in the morning, let alone returning phone calls or travelling out of town for work. I felt exhausted. I awoke from my mental stupor one very slippery January day as I was driving home from work. A little sports car with little sports car tires came

zipping down the avenue. I was in a heavier and much slower vehicle, unable to zig when he zagged, and boom – crash – zing! My car with its brand new set of winter tires was a crumpled, mangled mess. The airbags erupted and a cloud of dust surrounded me. The horn screamed continually like one of those long plastic things the football fans love to toot at a big game. The noise echoed off the nearby buildings to become deafening. Firemen from across the street were at my side before their truck arrived because we had crashed almost directly in front of the station. Within moments, I was eased out of my car and a very tall fireman was picking glass fragments from my hair while carefully looking at the gash underneath. He looked into my eyes and asked me if I was alright, was I hurt anywhere, how many fingers he was holding up. I know that he was checking for signs of a concussion, and in a detached way, surrounded as we wereby the rush of an ambulance and police arriving, I wondered what this mishap would signify.

At the time, my marriage was in big trouble, and the car crash was like a capital letter at the beginning of a string of events.


This is how Live Inspired starts – a story about an eventful and fretful time in my life that I used as a starting point to turn things around. Have you ever had a starting point like this? I’d love to hear about it. Post your message below, and let’s talk about starting points, turning points, and how you handled it.

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