Do you drive yourself crazy?

I’ve been reading this great little book by G. Gaynor McTigue, called Why Make Yourself Crazy? One of the women that I work with loaned it to me and although at first I wondered what the message was (do people think, or know, that I am crazy?), it’s too good a book to keep to myself.

This is a small book, kind of like my Live Inspired. It’s not meant to take a month to read, although you could read it in small digestible pieces and spread it over a month if you wanted to. Why Make Yourself Crazy? is a collection of 100 short strategies for untangling the chaos that we perpetuate. Each chapter is about the length of a blog post, so it is a quick read. If you are heading up a meeting, you could even read one or two as an introduction. Strategy #93, for instance, speaks to saving time hunting through boxes, packages and containers by using see-through plastic. Practical, useful tips for all aspects of life. I also like #10, Eliminate Meaningless Deadlines, because we are perpetuating an environment where everything has to be done at supersonic speed, and it’s really just stressing us out. Life is short. There is no need to make ourselves crazy!

You can find the book in a few places, but here are the details:

Why Make Yourself Crazy? 100 Ways to Rid Your Life of Needless Stress, by G. Gaynor McTigue, Pick Me Up Books, ISBN 0 9716427-0-2 $9.95 in the US You can check out the author here

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