Live Inspired, Back Cover

Here's the back cover from Live Inspired -- so that you get a taste of what it'd be like if you picked it up in the bookstore and flipped it over.

“This book is inspiring! In plain and simple English it leads you to think through what is most important at each moment and then to act accordingly. Filled with amusing and insightful anecdotes, it is a wise guide through the difficulties of everyday life and for changing your life in directions you really want.”

—John D. Krumboltz, Professor of Education and Psychology, Stanford University

Somewhere along the way, we bought into a notion that life is chaotic and that it’s okay that way. We think it’s normal to have a to-do list that’s longer than our arm, and to expect that there will be bedlam between the time we get home from work until we get to bed. We juggle jobs and family around in order to achieve some sense of balance without even being certain what the weights are on either side of the teeter-totter. We get so tired and worn out that we’re ready to burn out or sell out, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can create a life that you can celebrate every day, and there are no magic potions or secrets required. This book is your guide to discovering who you are and what you believe. With Pam’s engaging anecdotes and lessons, learn how to get in touch with your life’s purpose, where you are going and just how you intend to arrive. You’ll also find practical answers to issues like conquering a crazy supper hour at home, understanding cranky people and finding work that you love.

PAM ROBERTSON has had many labels including coach, consultant, manager, mom, musician, soldier and teacher. She has a practical approach to work and career conundrums, and a Ph.D. in career development. Pam has helped people from all walks of life – literally from accountants to zookeepers – and devotes her energies to working with people who want to create lives that they can celebrate. Pam kicks up her heels in Nova Scotia where she frequently visits the beaches and farmer’s markets.

“Careers and lives get separated when we talk about them, and this book helps to bring them together in one place where they belong. Live Inspired is a book that will help you, your friends, children, colleagues and relatives to figure out what they want and then how to go and get it.”

—Paul Martinelli, President, LifeSuccess Consulting, Inc.

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