Driving and Waving

On my way home from work today, I stopped at a red light and glanced in my rear view mirror. The woman in the car behind me was talking quite animatedly and I looked around her car to see if there was a child that she was speaking too. Nope. No one there at all. It only took a moment to realize that she was talking while using her hands free phone, which around here is the law.

As we pulled away from the light, I glanced back again and she that now she is doing that most dangerous thing; she is talking with her hands – gesturing. Both hands off the wheel as she flails around and emphasizes some point. Her salon blonde hair is cut in a perfect bob, moving in time with her gestures. She is close enough to me that I have to creep up to fit her hood ornament in my mirror. She is driving a silver BMW. She was in my sights like this for some time as we crawled toward the train tracks that cross Akerley. There was a lot of traffic, and was congested as usual for this time of day. Five minutes later, as I pulled onto the highway, I left her way behind, still intent on her conversation.

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