I just had a moment. One of those heart skipping almost out of your body kind of moments. I am presently sitting in the student union building at Dalhousie. My daughter is writing one of her last final exams for the term, and I have the day off so I thought I would do some reading while she writes. One of the things I needed to do today was have a look at an advance copy of a book that I have a chapter in. The book is called Empowered, and it is part of the best-selling series from Steven E and Lee Beard called Wake Up…Live the Life You Love.

The idea with receiving an advance copy of the book is that each author gets a chance to read through it and make sure there are no errors. Given that this series of books goes through about four levels of editorial process (consultation, proofreading, line edit and contextual editing), I did not expect any errors, and I did not find any. The beauty of this exercise, for me, is that I have the entire book in my hand and so I also flipped through it and read several other chapters.

It’s been a long time since I submitted my chapter, nearly a year. There has, as is one of the themes in my life, been a lot of change in the past year; the focus of my work, my living arrangements, financial situation in light of the recession, and my relationship with God being the major ones. Looking back on it with the assistance of Empowered is uplifting. It felt exceptionally good to read chapters by some of the other contributors to the book, including Brian Tracy, John Assaraf and Dr. Wayne Dyer. Geoff Akins is in there too, brilliantly describing the art of a life that flourishes amid square bubbles. Melinda Day-Harper, whom I worked with on Wake Up Women, has a beautiful and inspiring message too. There is a lot here for you to read and think about, and then to act on. I am excited about getting my copies of the book, and sharing them with you as part of the goal to help people “Wake Up…Live the Life You Love”.


Lynda said...

I'll keep checking your website for it!! Can't wait!

Pam Robertson said...

I'll send a blast as soon as they arrive! Thanks Lynda!